One Fine Day is a marketing & business coaching consultant based in Coffs Harbour. We help to create business marketing strategy, wellness in the workplace and more.


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Helping you turn your business dreams into reality.


We’re not talking about wishy-washy 34-pages of jargon, we’re talking about simple and effective business and marketing plans that provide a clear path to your ultimate destination, your One Fine Day.


For more than 20 years, we have been out there getting our hands dirty in the business world - starting, growing and selling businesses, and learning an awful lot along the way. And now we want to share all of that experience and wisdom with you!


From creating a business plan, through to marketing, customer experience, and getting your brand on target and out into the world - we are here to show you a new way. We want you to feel the passion and excitement of a start-up, without the burnout and fatigue, and we want you to know that you’re not alone in the journey.


Whether your One Fine Day looks like working 4 days a week, stepping back from customer-facing roles, or just achieving the success you really want - we have the experience and resources to help you get there.


Ready to take the next leap towards your business success? Come join us...


For many businesses, having a clear planning strategy in place and backing this up with a solid marketing plan, a great customer experience, and a culture that encourages outstanding performance from you team planning is just a dream.


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Most businesses we meet are making day to day decisions, to the best of their ability - it's simply heads down, bums up.


We are here to show you a new way. A way to get to your One Fine Day. Whether that's working 4 days a week, stepping back from customer facing roles, or just achieving the success planning you really want - we have the experience and resources to help you get there.



Not enough hours in the day. Not the right resources in the business. Not sure where to start.... that's where we can help.


Success looks different for every business, but the fundamentals planning of getting to that 'One Fine Day' are universal.


Have a great product, supported by great people, connect with your tribe (your market), offer them real value at the right price, give them incredible service so they keep coming back, and continue to evolve and innovate to suit your market, or find new ones. Easy right?


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Building a business isn't easy (or everyone would be doing it)  planning , and getting your foundations right is the first step on the path to better business. planning planning planning planning planning planning

The One Fine Day approach



Whether you need help with an overall strategy for your  planning  business, a clear plan for marketing, or support to clearly define your unique customer experience - we have you covered.


The process for us is to really understand what you’re about and what your vision is for the business, and them map that into a simple and effective plan for marketing and customer experience.


Dream. Plan. Do is our motto, and it works every time!


● Dream: Workshop all of your brilliant ideas and visions with the people who need to be involved


● Plan: Create a high level 12 month plan and simple and effective 90-day action points with targets and measures


● Do: Support you and your team to get it done


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We’re here to see you succeed - so if you need a little more support and guidance to get your plan in action, then we are here to help. Monthly packages, including design and digital support, are available.

Whether you're the boss lady or boss man, or you’re ready to be the boss of your own destiny, we're here to help.


With more than 15 years of business management, business  planning  growth, and strategic consulting experience, Sarah has worked with business owners from start-ups, through to national industry leaders, and knows  planning  first hand the toll that a high pressure and high-stress environment can take on the individual.


Being the best version of yourself starts with an honest appraisal of how you feel today. Our experience has highlighted the need for balance in four key areas of life in order to bring your best to the job at hand, and to  planning  better support and service your team and customers.


■ Mind - mental health, personal growth and strategies  planning  for living your best life


■ Body - wellbeing, exercise & nutrition


■ Heart - your relationships and connections


■ Soul & Spirit - purpose and meaning for your life


If you're ready to supercharge your life, and feel great as well  planning  as bring your A-game to work each and every day, the best time to start is right now!


Success Coaching services are tailored to the need of the  planning  individual and may be ongoing, or structured as a once-off session.

Making Your Workplace Thrive



The impact of stress, low productivity and dis-engaged staff on business is tipped to dip into the billions of dollars this financial year.


How would your business look if every individual in your team felt healthy, calm (not stressed!), productive, valued and connected to the purpose of your business?





I know the answer to that one!


Taking time out with your team, and for your team, may just be the smartest investment you can make for the success of your business.

Workplace Wellness Services:


■ Workplace wellness workshops: either a series of one-hour workshops (4), or a full half-day, dedicated to bringing awareness, tactics and easy practices to make every workday a positive experience

■ Workplace wellness review: a FREE 20-minute consultation to  planning  assess the collective wellness of your team, and to help identify key areas of wellbeing to improve your workspace joy and productivity


■ Executive wellbeing coaching: Being at the top can be stressful, demanding and exhausting. If you're not taking care of yourself and implementing wellbeing strategies to help you cope with the demands of your role,  planning  then your not doing yourself any favours. Let us help you create a wellbeing plan to ensure you thrive, not just survive.


■ Mindfulness for busy people - tactics, tools, and resources


Tailored programs and workshops available upon consultation.

My name is Sarah Poole, and I’ve been a business fan for a long time. I love everything about it - the vision, the planning, the systems, the people, the customers... It’s just a part of who I am.


I have grown and sold a national Professional Service business, I have started an online Women’s Health platform, I have sat on Boards, and I have led a small business to national success and recognition as a Telstra Business of the year.


But, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I have had moments of sitting in my car in tears, moments of extreme stress, sleepless nights and long, long days. Moments where all I wanted to do was quit and give up. But I didn’t.


The reason I moved my family to the Mid North Coast in NSW and started One Fine Day, is to help other business owners navigate the crazy journey of business, with insight and experience and perspective. I want others to have support for their physical and mental health, as well as the health of their business, and I want it to be fun!


Whilst I love nothing more than a good marketing and business strategy session, I really enjoy seeing these plans put into action and working with the team to realise everyone’s potential. Putting the the dream into action, and seeing the rewards.


So if you need help getting your business (and yourself in the process), ship-shape and on track - you now know where to find me!


Sarah x




Sarah Poole is an all-round business professional, having held numerous executive level roles across a variety of industries including ICT, Health & Wellness, and FMCG. She holds a double degree in Business and Communications, and has been a board member for a number of not-for-profit and privately held companies over the past decade.


Her love and passion for connecting business with people has seen Sarah excel in roles across strategy and operations, marketing, customer service, and business development.


As a Director for a national technology consulting firm, Sarah was instrumental in the growth of the business, and in the development of systems, processes and people - resulting in the successful sale of the business in 2016. From there, Sarah's experience and entrepreneurial spirit that saw the launch of The Fit Mother – an online platform focused on women’s health and wellbeing. This commitment to improving the way of life for others through wellness and nutrition lead her to the role of COO for the Shark Tank sensation, Be Fit Food.



Within 12 months, Be Fit Food had rolled out it's ready-made meals across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, and was awarded the Telstra Business of The Year Award for Victoria (2018).


Moving to the Coffs Coast for family and lifestyle, Sarah is the Founder of One Fine Day Consulting  - working with a preferred partner network to help deliver the best support and service to business.


If you need more information, or would like to discuss your business challenge with us, get in touch. All programs and packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


0417 113 016



Regional Business Planning

Sarah Poole - One Fine Day


Yamba: January 10, 9.00 - 12.30pm

(Blanc Space Agency)


Coffs Harbour: January 13, 9.00 - 12.30pm

(Cavanbah Centre)


Port Macquarie: January 16,  9.00 - 12.30pm

(Sails Rydges)


Mornington Peninsula: January 20, 9.00 - 12.30pm

(Elemental Mornington)

What we will cover:

  • Getting the most out of your week and scheduling the right amount of time to get sh!t done
  • Finding your ideal customer, and nailing your message so you increase sales and build your tribe
  • Setting priorities for the key areas of your business including systems, sales, people and products
  • Simple 90-day plans that will make ACTION simple


Facilitated by experienced business owner, builder and coach, Sarah Poole from One Fine Day,  this will be a no BS approach to getting your plan nailed for a full 12 months. Priceless!



$275 per person. Places are limited to 12 people (because we’re all about quality over quantity). Morning tea included.



To book - click the links below to the location of your choice, use the form below or email to request further information.


Yamba: Click to book

Coffs Harbour: Click to book

Port Macquarie: Click to book

Mornington Peninsula: Click to book

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